Long-Covid Syndrome

The so-called Long-Covid Syndrome is a health problem that affects million of people all over the world. Many patients suffer from chronic shortness of breath, fatigue, recurring infections, autoimmune diseases for months.

The so-called spike protein, which is formed by the virus or after the mRNA injections, has been described in many scientific studies as one of the most important factors.

Numerous studies have shown that the combination of bromelain and NAC (n-acetyl-cytein) is highly effective in breaking down spike proteins.

The European Laser Academy and European Laser Clinics get often fantastic results by oral intake of high end organic bromelain in combination with high dose intravenous Vitamin C plus Glutathione and NAC. The intravenous Laser irradiation plus transdermal photo-biomodulation is added to enhance the mitochondrial function and reduce the chronic inflammation.