Long and Post- COVID-19 Syndrome

Corona has been keeping the world in suspense since the beginning of 2020. In the meantime, a large part of the population has gone through this disease even after the vaccinations. Some of them with longer-term or long-term problems. These are known as Long Covid or Post Covid Syndrome. The frequency of the complication is difficult to quantify due to imprecise data. Estimates assume that 10-15% of those suffering from corona are affected even after vaccination. Long COVID and post covid syndrome differ only in the length of time certain symptoms persist after an illness. Long covid means that symptoms last for up to 4 weeks, post covid syndrome symptoms last longer than 2 months.

Covid syndrome is associated with impaired mitochondrial function.

Herbs, photobiomodulation, photo-dynamic-therapy, vitamins and minerals can often be very effective in a holistic approach. In very severe situations we do get usually great results in the combination with intravenous Laser plus exosomes!