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Dr Weber as a lecturer at International TAO Congress in Graz/ Austria


Dr Weber as a lecturer


Lectures of Dr Weber during DAA Congress in Timmendorf/ Germany


Michael Weber was born in 1963 in Berlin, he studied chemistry in Bochum and human medicine at the “Westfälische Wilhelms University” in Münster, scholarship and studies abroad at the University of Wales in Cardiff.

He finished his western medical training at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in Saint John’s / Canada, in the Department of Pediatric Surgery in Dortmund / academic teaching hospital, University of Bochum and in the pediatric clinic, Vestische Kinderklinik / University of Witten – Herdecke.

Michael Weber is proud father of four children. Michael Weber is regarded as expert in the field of “Mitochondrial Medicine “in Europe. Over more than two decades he is involved in combining bioenergetic approaches of acupuncture and mitochondrial medicine in his own practice in Recklinghausen and Senden.

Dr. Weber developed successful therapeutic concepts with regard to various clinical pictures in pediatrics: ADHS, concentration disturbances, sleep disturbances, allergic rhinitis, neurodermatitis, and bronchial asthma. The most important pillars of his holistic bioenergetic approach are: nutritional counseling, mitotropic micronutrients, Chinese phytotherapy / herbs, moxibustion and laser acupuncture.

Extensive research activities, lecturer at international medical conferences in Europe and America, publications as well as organization of international congresses, i. e. on coenzyme Q10 and antioxidants. Lectures on mitochondrial medicine and nutritional therapy in Germany and abroad since the 90s. Author of the book: “Coenzyme Q10 – a key substance for a healthy life “published in 10 editions and” Q10-The success story of a vital substance.”.Associate lecturer on TCM within the advanced training program regarding pediatric pain therapy and palliative medicine at the Vestische Kinderklinik Datteln /University of Witten Herdecke.

Since 1998 Dr. Weber is a registered doctor with his own practice in Recklinghausen, since 2006 head of the centre of TCM , mitochondrial and preventive medicine formerly in Lüdenscheid and now in Senden near Münster. Holistic health program with nutritional counseling and therapy, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for humans and animals.


I have been practicing Chinese medicine for more than 30 years now, and as the years go on, I find it more and more interesting. I feel very privileged to be a member of the great tradition which spans so many centuries, and which is of so much benefit.

I finished my first training in acupuncture with Dr. van Buren, at the International College of Oriental Medicine in 1976, and went on to study in China in 1982-3. I was lucky to work in an extraordinary hospital with a very special teacher. The hospital was the Jiangsu Hospital for Traditional Medicine. It was enormous, and had two wings, one for herbal medicine and one for acupuncture, and it had a number of research projects. One of them was on the expulsion of gall stones using acupuncture alone. The hospital was in-patient, based entirely on Traditional Chinese Medicine, except for one small room for ‘Western’ medicine. They dispensed antibiotics there, but most people did not want to take them.

My teacher was Dr. Jiang Cai-Yun (pictured here with her daughter and granddaughter), to whom I owe a great debt. She was one of those rare people who are both clever and compassionate. One day she told me “There are many people who do not come to acupuncture because they fear the pain of the needles. I will show you a needle technique that does not cause pain.” It is this technique which has made it possible for me to treat children, and is the subject of the DVD ‘The Gentle needle’. I have been happy to teach it to many of my students worldwide.

On coming back from China I at last learnt to read some Chinese, enough to be able to translate the medical texts which form the foundations of two books Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children and Acupuncture in the Treatment of Eyes. These are specialist books for the practitioner, and are available from Eastland Press, and their stockiest.

I started my practice in Brighton where I started the Foundation for Traditional Medicine Children’s clinic, and after a brief spell in Cambridge (England) went to Seattle USA. I came back to live in Bath in 2002, and have been practicing here ever since.

I have two great interests in practice: one is treating children, and the other is the treatment of eye disorders. I also love the diversity of a general practice, with the vast range of conditions and problems that people have. It is a constant source of amazement to me how many people can be helped by Chinese medicine.

Yosef Paikin was borne in 5/2/1975 in Israel. He is one of the most highly regarded therapists and lecturers in Israel in the last 17 years. Yosef Paikin has treated thousands of people over the years and lectured in most known colleges in the country as Reidman College and Natures academy. He is fully acknowledged by the Israeli Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He treats patients with various methods, such as: auriculotherapy according to Chinese, German and French schools.

Traditional Chinese medicine: five elements and six layers.

Treats a vast amount of acupuncture points as well as additional 400 points

Naturopathy – specializes in food additives, orthomolecular medicine and Western herbs. Works with more than 700 kinds of herbs from the naturopathic and Chinese medicine fields.

Japanese, Korean and functional medicine.

Specializes in treatments with healing mushrooms and seaweeds.

One of few in Israel who performs acupuncture via advanced laser machine / high end laseracupuncture and LLLT

Stefan Englert is a general practitioner in Ravensburg and head of the local “TCM Advance Academy “.
He studied law, indology, ethnology and philosophy. After numerous study visits in China and Japan he is one of the most renown lecturers in Chinese phytotherapy and herbal medicine. He is the author and co-author of numerous books on TCM, speaker in Germany and abroad. In addition he is the training director in the field of TCM at the universities of Dresden and Ulm.