Invitation 20th ISLA Conference


20th ISLA Conference:

In-person attendance and live online stream - November 21st and 22nd

Dear all, I am happy to invite you to our 20th ISLA conference - the postponed anniversary edition of our conference series on the latest developments and research in Medical Laser Therapy. The event will take place on the 21st and 22nd of November in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. Our seven speakers will present the versatile application areas of Medical Laser Therapy as well as the latest research and their years long experience.

Since travelling restrictions still make an in-person-attendance difficult, if not impossible, for many of you and also because we have to limit the number of in-person-seats to respect the current restrictions we decided to offer a live-stream of the lectures in English language (simultaneous translation from German) in addition to the physical event. We will make sure that the recordings of the talks will be permanently available for all our attendees as a little bonus. So do not worry about time shifts or missing your favorite lecture – we will have you covered. I would also like to use this opportunity to share with you that I used the additional free time over the past months to study the field of IV nutrients more in-depth. My studies left me deeply convinced that IV nutrients can be an immensely powerful intervention not only to treat specific symptoms but also to prevent diseases and strengthen the patient´s immune systems and general constitutions. In my opinion, there should be a much stronger emphasis on disease prevention in our medical system, particularly in times like these. I have seen numerous case reports that reported on significant benefits from IV nutrient therapies and read a lot of convincing studies. All this made me decide to put a stronger focus on promoting this kind of therapy in my future work. It works synergistically with our IV laser and other therapies and I will be happy to provide more information about available products and their effects if you are interested. Just send me a short email and I will get back to you. I look forward to seeing some of you in Frankfurt but also to re-connecting online! Sincerely yours, Martin Junggebauer